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Haute Tenison // DANO (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Haute Tension is a band from Miami, Florida that brings high energy to their live and studio performances. Formed by guitarist, Alexandre Merbouti and bassist, Monica McGivern, what began as a surf duo under the name Mo’Booty, has been shaped into something entirely new. Playing a genre-bending mix that ranges from smooth, dark, surf tones that could score a Quentin Tarantino film, escalating to hard hitting punk, this band believes in taking the listener on a sonic journey. Their music dances and entrances between Monica’s driving basslines and Alexandre’s deep baritone voice, only to hit you with a crushing wall of sound that dissipates just as quickly as it came.


"It's like Nick Cave hit the beach and decided to have a drink with Paul Walker and William S. Burroughs at a bar run by the grim reaper himself."

-Dennis Hudson, Sound Artist, Detroit, MI.


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